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Waterproof boxes

A completely revolutionary product demands exactly that kind of approach and thinking in a production process. Boxes without ‘cut pages’ in their interior are thought in a way that, in that
part, the final form is achieved exclusively by folding. Corrugated cardboard is enriched by a watertight layer that enables the transport of not only moist or moisturizing products but of the
liquid itself as well. Resistance of the layer to water is permanent thus, without fear, you can pack fruit, vegetables, food in bulks, and moisture-sensitive materials because the permeability works in both ways. Certain climate conditions cause increased volatility or condensation inside the package and this type of cardboard box guarantees that the packed product will not suffer because of such conditions. Waterproof cardboard and box made of it, in some cases, even make the product packaging process cheaper because it doesn’t require an additional package for sensitive products, but can be used as the first and only package. Used materials have all certificates for completely safe use in the food industry and for packing products directly in
contact with and exposed to the surface of the box itself.